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For as long as Deanna can remember, designing and organizing her environment and that of her friends and family came naturally. Unknowingly, it was her keen sense for the seen and unseen energy surrounding her that made her want to reposition the furniture, clear the clutter, organize the closets, and reposition objects in the room so she could breath more easily, relax and not feel oppressed by a funky space. It was only later that she discovered that there were even deeper reasons that would explain why she felt the way she did. This desire for harmony and balance was not some sort of compulsive disorder, but a very real talent for what the ancient masters of Feng Shui were sensitive to as well; the energy surrounding us and a desire to manipulate it to create a sense of well being. It is with this keen sense of the environment and the application of the principles of Traditional Feng Shui that she has been able to help create good Feng Shui for numerous businesses and homes in the USA and Canada.

Born and raised in Toronto Canada, she attended the University of Toronto and Ryerson University, and was a professional actress for several years before marrying and becoming a mother to her two sons. She immigrated to California in search of better weather, settled in beautiful Montecito where she wrote and illustrated two books for children, sold real estate for 8 years, and developed her expertise in Feng Shui. She brings her eclectic life experience to her joy for helping others create prosperity and harmony in their lives.